Pagudpud Outdoor Activities

These days that Pagudpud is becoming the surfing capital of the Philippines, guests might as well learn surfing during their stay there and go skinny dipping, boating and swimming all day.

Aside from these got-to-dos that need water, guests can pamper them in taking pictures of some of Mother Nature's beauty while mountaineering to Kaibigan Falls and walking along the historic streets and landmarks of Vigan, Batac, and Laoag. One big warning that the folks in Ilocos will give them is not to swim too far from the shore because the waters there have a very strong undercurrent that can pull you far off the shore. And since them won't be in the region more than once a year unless guests an Ilocano, visit the Marcos' Mansion and the Marcos Museum to get a taste of their lifestyle during their time in power.

In the Northern part of the Philippines is a beach reputed to have the longest contiguous white sand with mighty waves and strong winds that can compare to Hawaii. Wind and wave surfing are the outstanding activities that Pagudpud beach offers its very discriminating customers. Not to mention the inviting views, clear blue waters, and white sand. Pagudpud promises its visitors a magnificent experience in a secluded paradise.